The (Not So) Humble Macaron

I first had a macaron before they became popular in South Africa. The Lindt chocolate studio had just opened up in the suburb in which I live and they had various flavours of macaron for sale. I had never seen these petit little ‘cookies’ before and I was super excited to try them. Being boring, I tried a chocolate one. My heart stopped with the … Continue reading The (Not So) Humble Macaron

The Start of a Cullinary Journey

Welcome to my epic cullinary journey to becoming a pastry chef. I’ve always had a thing for desserts and try to follow the rule of “life is short so eat dessert first”. I like to adapt that a little and instead follow “life is short so eat dessert all the time”.

This is one of the desserts I made when it was still summer in the Southern Hemisphere and strawberries were in season. It’s a rich and creamy chocolate mousse which is set in a chocolate teardrop (dead easy to make, tutorial post to follow) and garnished with fresh strawberries and a strawberry lemon sorbet.

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